Ask yourself this.

  • Do you find the thought of using animal skin to decorate yourself repulsive?

  • Are you disturbed by the 50 tons of carbon emissions leaves on the planet every day?

  • Have you ever wondered who benefits from fast fashion and at what cost?

These are the questions we think about everyday.

At MARAIS, we believe fashion should be fun, not fatal. This is why every bag we make is handcrafted with the finest vegan leather.

Every time you purchase a bag, we donate $20 to the Wildlife Conservation Network, an organization that efficiently employs 100% of your donated dollars directly to conservation partners in the field, with zero overhead.

We intend for every dollar we raise to translate into tangible benefits for wildlife. Together with your help, we are backing an organization that has raised $100 million since 2002, employed 1127 conservation workers in 37 countries, protected 87 species and 38.5 million acres of marine and terrestrial habitat, removed 352 metal and nylon snares and even increased elephant birth by 42% in Kenya in just one year. Because of this track record, they earned a perfect 100 score on Charity Navigator. Talk about a difference maker!

We started MARAIS because we want to look good without leaving a negative mark on the planet. We wanted to create a company that allows you to make a significant and lasting impact in conserving wildlife and looking fabulous doing it.